JoyWaltzStudio | Little Tots Music Course
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Little Tots Music Course


Little Tots Music Course is designed for the 2.5-year-olds and above. Little Tots Music Course provides a wonderful holistic experience to develop the toddler’s musical talent and interest in a fun and engaging way with our illustrations and customised songs.


Students will learn to ‘listen’ through activities like body movements, singing and clapping to the rhythm. Our lesson structure encompasses piano basics to take the student on Little Pianist Course and subsequently, prepare the student for graded ABRSM piano exams.


Students are recommended to continue with Little Pianist Course after the completion of Little Tots Music Course.


Little Tots Music Course is currently offered at selected international schools and preschools.


Drop us an email if you would like to find out if your child’s school is offering our programme.


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Once a week, 1 hour lesson.