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About JoyWaltzStudio

Joywaltzstudio aims to do everything possible to attract the young to music so they can see for themselves the art that transcends language in the universe. We are created with the notion to let every child have the opportunity to learn beautiful music.


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From a humble establishment, JoyWaltzstudio is now the leading music provider at International Schools, Primary Schools, Pre-Schools, Montessori and Private Clubs. We are also recognised as a certified People’s Association Operator in efforts to reach out and bring music to children in the community.


We are the first to introduce Roll Pianos with customised illustrated books & materials greatly inspired by our dedication to build a strong music foundation for students of all ages. Through years of experience, our materials are carefully formulated to fully develop & expand the child’s musical talent & interest. We provide an enjoyable learning experience to spark the child’s passion and love for various instruments in a classroom setting.


With our team of dedicated and specialised instructors, Joywaltzstudio hosts occasional recitals for students to showcase their performance and music workshops to inspire and motivate.


Joywaltzstudio is also a Social Enterprise dedicated to providing people with disabilities a long-term sustainable employment while offering courses to low-income individuals at subsidied rates. We continue to strive to introduce music as a lifestyle and provide a holistic music experience for children of all ages.